How to Remove Apps From an iPad

There are over 50,000 applications available for the Apple iPad at the App Store, many of which are free to download and use. Applications are automatically added to your iPad's home screens after downloading, and can be manually rearranged. Removing an application frees up the iPad's storage space, and also helps keep the home screens from becoming cluttered.

How to Manually Install Android Apps

Although you can automatically install applications, such as games and social networks, to your Android phone with the official Android Market or Amazon Appstore, you can also manually install apps to your phone. Although this does not require a network or Internet connection on your phone, you must first install a file manager so that you can manually open files, and you must also have a computer with an Internet connection to download the application files.

How to Recover Downloaded Apps in Android

You can download and remove apps on your Android device whenever and as often as you want. If you remove an app that you purchased, you do not have to pay for it again -- you can download and reinstall the app free of charge. After recovering a deleted app, you'll be notified in the menu bar in the same manner that you received notification when you first installed the app. You can then find the app in your applications list; it will be in the same place it was located before the app was deleted.

How to Make Your Own iPhone App

If you have none or very little knowledge of the programming languages HTML, CSS and Javascript, you can still make your own iPhone apps by using an online mobile app maker website. Many mobile app maker websites have easy-to-use tools that enable you to create stunning iPhone apps in less than three minutes. When you're finished creating your new iPhone app, you can submit it to the Apple App Store and share it with others.

How to Sync an iPhone Without Deleting Applications

Syncing allows you to transfer media from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa. When you sync, no media should ever erase, including your applications. To determine that you are always syncing the apps that you want, you can configure your app-syncing settings in iTunes while your iPhone is connected to your computer. If you are still noticing applications deleted after you sync, your iPhone may need to be restored, or you may need to take it into your local Apple Store.

How to Arrange Iphone Applications in Itunes

IPhone holds up to 11 screens of apps and folders. Finding just the one you are looking for can take time. Group similar apps together to make them easier to find or remove the apps you aren't using currently. Arrange the icons on the iPhone while in iTunes on your computer. Add or remove apps and change their locations on the mobile device. Use the computer that you normally use when you sync the iPhone.

How to Download an App From iTunes

Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad connect wirelessly to the Internet. Whenever you are in an area with Wi-Fi, you can download apps directly from the App Store to your mobile device. You can also download apps to iTunes on your computer and synchronize them to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

How to Install Apps on an Android Tablet

Your Android-power tablet computer comes with a good number of pre-installed applications, but there are still hundreds of thousands of games, widgets, apps and books out there that you can download and use. Android Market is a place where Android developers can present their applications and Android users can go to find them. Load Android Market onto your device, then search for and install apps.

How to Get Apps Onto Tablets Without Market

Generally, when you have wireless Internet access, you will download applications for your Android tablet directly from the Android Market, a default app by Google that allows you to access new apps for your devices. However, if you do not have wireless Internet or if your Market app is not working properly, you can still get apps onto your tablet. This way allows you to enjoy more games or utilize productivity tools or even to download apps that may not yet be available from the Market.

How to Transfer Apps From an iPod to an iPhone

Simply stated, the iPod touch is just a telephone-less version of the iPhone. At least that was the case when Apple released the first generation touch back in 2007. The iPod touch still doesn't connect to a wireless telephone provider, but the two devices are almost identical in 2011 -- both use Blutooth, both have built-in cameras and both use apps from the iTunes store. If you have both devices, you can use your apps on each device separately and transfer between them using iTunes.

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